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I am most happy when outside in nature, without a screen & in good company - either my own or that of a loved one. This is where I feel most at ease & most alive. I believe everyone has the right to enjoy the freedom of feeling safe & at ease in their body & to experience how it feels to be in balance. The way I see this happening, in this world, in this climate, is by providing glimmers of peace and ease through guided experiences and by then empowering the individual with the  information and tools to experience this from within. My intention is to help individuals to reconnect to a sense of safety & trust in their skin & bodies, so that they can be present in & enjoy this life.

My personal and professional practice is informed by yogic principles, Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the polyvagal theory & western anatomy & physiology.


A small part of my story & motivation:

After 6 years of struggle, in 2016 I was diagnosed with severe Narcolepsy & Cataplexy. All I was offered was daily amphetamines or Modafinil. Instead, I found my own way - Yoga, breathwork & Acupuncture have helped me manage this condition in a way that makes it feel manageable. Many of the symptoms (extreme fatigue & exhaustion, muscle weakness, sleep paralysis, short-term memory loss & the unavoidable mental repercussions), I no longer suffer from, or, at least more infrequently and to a lesser extent. The story is much longer and more complex than this, but it is an important part of my puzzle.


My offerings:

- Half day workshops

- 1-on-1 deep dives

- For my yoga schedule & retreat offerings, please see my website



Burnout, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Transformations, Yoga teacher


Currently studying Acupuncture at Shenzhou Academy

Masterful Breathcoach, Kasper van der Meulen/Mindlft

Foundations of Western Medicine & Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Shenzhou Academy 

600+hr RYT Yoga training, India, UK & The Netherlands

Masters of Arts, International Development and Urban Planning - University of Sheffield


Dutch, English
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