Breathwork Masterclass - Coaches - Anna Catharin Heil


My passion and dharma is to guide people through moments of growth and transformation. Over the past ten years I've filled my personal 'medicine cabinet' with a wide range of different tools and modalities to support deep process work, including breathwork, bodywork, voice, drumming, music, microdosing, cacao & psychedelic medicines.


I tend to not base much of my work on standardized protocols, but instead like to tune into the moment and personal needs of my clients and take it from there. 


My offer includes:

  • 1-on-1 / 1-on-2 Plant Medicine Journeys (magic truffles)
  • Group Ceremonies (magic truffles, cacao, hapé)
  • Heart Activation Day - microdosing, cacao & breath
  • Doula Work
  • 1-on-1 Coaching - Breathing for Birth
  • Women's Circles & Retreats

Languages: English, German, Dutch.



Emotional work, Transformations


Functional Nutrition Coaching

Female Health & Hormone Coaching

Holistic Birth- & Doula Work

Breathwork Masterclass Level 1,2,3

Psychedelic / Ceremonial Work


Dutch, English, German
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