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Why should I be your breathcoach?

I can motivate people in groups and 1 on 1 in sports and also during ice bath sessions, everything revolves around the challenge. I know what it is to struggle fight and finally win. I want to use this power in a positive way to help people perform better.
This side of breathwork, I call the “hard” side, the focus here is on performance. Do you want your team to perform as one by breathing as one? Give me 3 hours with your athletes and you have a new team.


The soft side

In addition to the hard side, I also have a soft side, which I like to show to others. In these sessions the focus is on well-being and processing of (possible) trauma, fear or anxiety, I guide you in your own process.
I prefer to do these kind of sessions 1 on 1, in which the focus is on feeling safe.

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Athletics, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Sports


Breathwork Masterclass level 1, 2 and 3

Wim Hof Method


Dutch, English, German
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