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I am Joris Stolker.

Rased in the Netherlands by two parents who were taught natural medicine. 

For me, the understanding of healing yourself, and being conscious about my body was given to me as a kid. 

Still, with all this health knowledge I managed to get far away from myself.

I have learned many techniques to come back to myself and connect to my true self.


My most important thing is to start doing something instead of only learning and reading about it.

My own journey started with heavy techniques to try to fully control my body, and get strong and powerful.

This was helpful and found that at a certain point it was not my to go deeper.

So slowly I went to more a gentle way to work with myself trough bodywork and breathwork, I found that there is a whole new world to discover. 


Over the years what my belief has become is that most diseases (or any dis-ease) are coming from not connected to yourself, your passion or trauma.

By getting back the connection with yourself you can discover a whole new world of feelings and find your guide towards the reason why you are on earth.

I believe we all have a big power inside of us and we are very good at covering our true potential with work, habits, addictions and patterns to stand in our true potential.


With breathing you can go trough the depth of your consiousness and find your trauma and beliefs that are standing in your way of being yourself. 

I love to investigate the dis-eases of diseases lovingly, bring consciousness where there is none and heal the body and soul :-)


Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Pain reduction, Transformations, Trauma release


2003 finished Rudolf steiner school

2005 Basic coock

2007 Working on orcanic farm

2008 constructory work

2007 - 2014 a lot of fasting, diet fythotherepy experience

2008-2021 Frontend Webdeveloper

2010 Bukeyko training

2015 Wim Hof Method instructor

2019 Rebalancing Year 1

2020 Rebalancing Year 2

2021 Masterfull Breathcoach training 


Dutch, English
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