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Chronic stress, anxiety, burn-out, depression, panic attacks, chronically being unhappy and unsatisfied, old and new traumas, feeling that you lost yourself, not feeling connected, limiting self-believes, negative self-talk of not being enough, chronic pain and illness… most of the time comes about because we can’t relax. Relax in all senses of the word. Relax the body, the never stopping mind, the spirit.


I was all the above until I had enough. I believe, you can’t think your way out of experience. Cognitive work doesn’t work against bad thoughts, pain or mental health issues because you are eventually doing the same thing all over again. You are trying to influence what you simply can not influence.


My re-align method of embodiment is based on neurology, physiology and experience. I help people who don’t feel connected anymore, experience chronic mental or physical health illnesses to feel this connection again by using their own body intelligence. I combine different modalities, and together we find the best ways for you to relax. Truly relax. And let go of things that don’t serve you anymore. I help people to feel aligned again, be healthy and enjoy their life.


“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”

- Chinese Proverb


Burnout, Depression, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Pain reduction, Transformations, Trauma release, Yoga teacher


Kasper van der Meulen: Level 3 Breathwork Professional

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