Breathwork Masterclass - Coaches - Katja Markelova


Interactive, awareness-oriented, and body-oriented work & education for space holders.

Unwind and rewire overactive threat responses to natural, regulated default settings.

Intimate, intuitive, and interactive somatic coaching where you get to lead supported by layers of resources

For people who want to move beyond old patterns into their Original and Potential Blueprints, and cultivate self-regulation, resilience, presence, sovereignty, and agency.

You deserve to be well. 


Burnout, Depression, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Pain reduction, PTSS, Transformations, Trauma release, Yoga teacher


  • Alchemical Alignment (currently in training)
  • Somatic coaching Regenerative Alchemy (currently in training)
  • Movement reeducation and integration, exercise therapy (certified with z-health performance)
  • Somatic and embodied movement (certified with Liberation Through Movement)
  • Breathwork (certified with Breathwork Masterclass)
  • Bodywork, visceral work (countless anatomy courses and thousands of hours of working with the clients)