Breathwork Masterclass - Coaches - Laura Lamers


As a philosopher (MSc) and social science researcher at a Dutch University, I've experienced firsthand the challenges that creatives, academics, and knowledge workers often encounter when they find themselves "stuck in their heads."

I have spent years looking for some headspace, resulting in a rich journey of (extreme) sports, yoga, diets, supplements, mindfulness, ceremonies, development workshops, and professional training programmes. Although useful, nothing provided the easy and always accessible tool to create the necessary headspace for my creative and academic pursuits.

Until I tried breathwork. 

Breathwork, both in transformational sessions and short, effective exercises, turned out to be the fundamental element for personal and professional growth. It is the always and immediately available tool that helps me to flow through life. 

I am honoured I have the opportunity to share the beauty of breathwork with other young professionals who are ready to take the next step, both in their work and personal development. 

With years of experience in (sports-focused) coaching and philosophical teaching, I have built digestible and deep ways to reflect on life and implement necessary changes. Most specifically, I coach 1-1, in group sessions and in company masterclasses.

Ready to create the headspace you deserve? You are most welcome! 🙏


Burnout, Emotional work, Transformations


Dutch, English


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