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I work with breathwork, mostly in grief. I am fascinated with death and grief and how it manifests in our bodies. Griefwork is socially not really integrated in society (yet!) and so we carry ourselves alone on this path where you feel left behind and depleted from lifeforce. There is a lot of shame and guilt in this area. A lot of loneliness. Where the world goes back to normal, your world isn't normal anymore and never will. 

I want to empower the griefers. They are the wisdomkeepers, the only thing is they don't feel like that because you don't fit in anymore. Let's raise the standard and give your power back. Owning your grief and what is means to YOU is what matters. Let if form you and let us breathe into it. Feel where it takes you and stand in your proces, instead of the proces leads you (this takes time). 

Ceremonify takes a stand for grief and every intervention and Ceremony is to empower you on your lifepath, in the here and now. It is an opening into your sacred space, where you can feel save within you, and without, to bring your authentic self into this world. it is not the easiest work, but I promise you it is the most fulfilling. I can tell you that. I see you.

Lot's of love!  



Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Transformations


Physical Therapy (2007)

Breathwork (2021)

Transformational coach (Bridgeman 2021)

Hypnotherapy (HIN 2021)


Dutch, English
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