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As a Breath Coach, Human Movement Scientist and Teacher I have been very interested, since an early age, about movement and how the human body thrives. Over the years movement has given me a broader sense about life. There are so many translations to find within movement, that it’s a great tool to reconnect with yourself.

My main interest lies on how to influence someone’s system by applying the right tools. These tools are the by-product of the outcome. I like to use breath work, cold exposure, strength training, nature and meditation as ingredients. As a teacher, at an applied University, I teach and coach these principles for almost a decade.

My main aim is to help people improve their health by letting them understand their signals. To achieve this, I create a safe but intense environment to create an optimal learning process. This combination is essential in learning. Because sometimes it needs to be a little rough on the edges. 


Athletics, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Sports, Trauma release


  • Bachelor of Health (Lifestyle Coach)

  • Master Human Movement Sciences

  • Masterful Breath Coach

  • Teachers degree Applied University

  • Multiple certifications relatend to strength and conditioning


Dutch, English
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